Our firm starts with the client’s goals and needs, and does a thorough analysis in order to establish a program that will enhance and utilize the site to its full potential.  We strive to maximize our client’s returns on investment while creating lasting places for people to work, play, worship and utilize. 

Hardial Dhir Architects Inc. approaches each project with a holistic ideology to design. We are committed to creating a program and design that will increase a client’s profits, have sustainable value and utilize space in the most efficient way possible.  We excel in creating spaces and projects on the most difficult sites by employing our 30 plus years of experience.

We provide excellent client services starting from our first meeting with you to the final close out of the project. Our fundamental approach starts with the highest degree of professionalism; whether a project is intimate in scale or a large complex development, our clients receive the same hands-on attention and dedication of time and expertise.

Hardial Dhir Architects Inc. is dedicated to architecture and the built environment. We are a long standing firm that has designed and created lasting and successful spaces for both the public and private sectors.