After graduating from the Architectural Program from The University of Toronto in 1977 with honours, Hardial Dhir was given a grant to take a world tour in order to work abroad for prominent international architects. While overseas documenting and studying international architecture, Mr. Dhir gained a new perspective and understanding on the built form and architecture. Upon his return with the knowledge gained through the international experience Mr. Dhir continued to work for a number of prominent firms in Canada, working on large scale projects that included airports, stadiums, large infrastructure projects and military installations. Mr. Dhir was a project architect and job captain on many of the firms he worked for, including notably Arthur Erickson Architect.  In 1980 Mr. Dhir utilized his expertise and architectural skills to establish his own firm.    

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The firm continues on its path of creating great spaces to live and work in while enjoying life.

Hardial Dhir Architects Inc. grows and evolves with the requirements of an ever changing and dynamic world. The firm is committed to environmentally friendly policies and we are proud to have LEED certified individuals as part of our design team. We are creating great, sustainable spaces throughout Canada and across the world.